The restaurant offers a range of delicious and healthy meals from a range of international dishes with a wide variety of drinks, Italian Segafredo coffee. Freshly baked biscuits, truffles, cakes and seeded breads are also available with lunch or dinner meals.

Rožmalas Restaurant working hours: Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday - working on orders, Thursday 11.00-19.00, Friday 11.00-20.00, Saturday 9.00-21.00 and Sunday 9.00-19.00.

The restaurant hall can seat 100 guests at a time with space for a further 50 guests on the terrace.

There is a special daily offer available on weekdays and we organize a range of themed events, children’s mornings, brunch, garden parties, all catered for with food, drink and our freshly baked goods. 

A children’s menu is available for younger guests as well as playroom and a playground located next to the windmill.

The restaurant hall can seat 80 guests at a time with space for a further 50 guests on the terrace. In the main reception hall we can serve lunch for up to 50 people. For larger groups, we have a banqueting hall, which can seat 80 people or a smaller hall for 20 people. We also have a terrace where grilled meals can be prepared.



P:   on individual applications

O:  - on individual applications

T:  8.30 - 17.00

C: 8.30 - 17.00

P:  8.30 - 22.00

S:  8.30 - 22.00

Sv: 8.30 - 17.00

You can make reservations by calling

+371 26564580 beforehand, sending us an email to, or sending us a Facebook ziņu.


Menu made by chef

Ingmars Ladiks

Autumn/Winter menu


Cod fish cakes

Kale cabbage, potatoes, baked roots, cream sauce

€ 6,50

Beef stroganoff

Mashed potatoes, mushrooms, cream sauce, vegetables

€ 6,50

Traditional potato pancakes

Baked bacon, sour cream, onion, greens

€ 5,50

Pork ribs in a beer glaze

Baked potatoes, stewed cabbage, marinated onions

€ 7,50

Chili con carne (Beef)

Deep fried potatoes, cheese, sour cream, greens

€ 8,50

Rožmalas long sausage (0.5 m)

Mountain ash chutney, baked potatoes, onion, vegetables


Roasted chicken with seasonal vegetables

Baked root vegetables, potatoes, mushrooms

€ 6,50

Farmer’s pork roast

Mushrooms sauce, potatoes, baked apple, lingonberries, onion

€ 8,00

Local farm hull-less barley porridge

Potatoes, onion, cream, cheese

€ 6,00

Lamb or chicken burger

Marinated veggies, chees, buger souce

€ 5,00

Jaukto graudu grūdenis

Kartupeļi, sīpoli, saldais krējums, siers

€ 5,00

*papildinam ar ceptu cūkgaļu

€ 6,50



Fermented and marinated vegetables from the Bauska region

Pumpkin, cucumber, red beetroot, cabbage

€ 3,50

Herring tartar salad

Red beetroot, onion, potatoes, egg, apple

€ 3,50

Cesar Salad with fried chicken

Romaine lettuce, Caesar sauce, croutons, cheese

€ 6,50

Cesar Salad with tiger prawns

€ 7,50

Iceberg lettuce with shrimps

Mayonnaise, horseradish, egg

€ 5,00


Biezpiena maize ar ogu ievarījumu

€ 3,50

Pavlovas kūka

€ 3,50

Šokolādes braunijs ar ogu mērce

€ 3,00

Brilē krēms

€ 3,00

Liesmojošās pankūkas apelsīnu liķierī

€ 3,00

Šokolādes fondants ar kafijas mokā mērci

€ 3,00

Biezpiena kunkulis ar dzērveņu mērci un vārīto krēmu

€ 3,00

Pumpkin soup

Cream, hull-less barley, greens

€ 3,50

Bean soup with smoked bacon

Potatoes, carrots, onion, sour cream

€ 3,50

Traditional solanka

Potatoes, tomato, kidneys, smoked meat, beef meat, sour cream

€ 4,00